YouTube as a learning tool?

How useful is YouTube as a teaching tool? Should you limit the amount of time your kids spend watching videos? At My English Garden we post all of our videos on YouTube and YouTubeKIDS to help children effectively learn english. We want people to watch our videos and love to hear success stories of how our videos have helped students. That’s why we have created a helpful list for parents, to keep their kids learning in a healthy way.
  1. YouTubeKIDS – An app created by YouTube especially for kids. YouTubeKIDS is a safe place for kids to watch and learn where YouTube has already done the leg work of making sure all the videos have safe content. (Download app here)
  2. Limiting Screen Time – Whether it’s for learning or pleasure, pediatricians recommend limiting screen time to 1-2 hours per day. So choose wisely what your kids spend time watching!
  3. YouTube as a Teaching Tool – No matter your schooling preferences chances are at some point you or your child will need to research something using YouTube. YouTube is so versatile now you can find a video on just about anything. Use YouTube and YouTubeKIDS for you and your child’s advantage by checking out My English Garden’s page!