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Welcome to My English Garden - Our Story

My name is Junhao (Jim) Zhang. On November 21, 2012, my mom came to America to continue her education. On July 7, 2013, I arrived in America to join her. We were expecting to have the “world’s door” open to us. However, we quickly discovered how closed off we were from our new home. The difference in culture, lifestyle and language was a constant challenge to us. Simple tasks, like ordering dinner from a menu, or understanding a lecture, were enormous obstacles. Our journey to learn the most influential language in the world did not start the way we had hoped it would. Even though we found it difficult to communicate with our friends, our determination pushed us forward. After a year, we established a network of generous friends who were interested in helping us adapt to our new home. Whenever we experienced difficulty, we always had a helping hand reaching out to us. We recently celebrated three years of being in America. Our English skills have grown beyond what we could have ever imagined. Although we still have much more to learn, our English vocabulary allows us to do more than just order food off a menu. We have gained so much with the help of our new friends. Now it is our turn to give back. We want to help people in China to have this unique opportunity to learn the English language. That is why we created My English Garden. Through the use of video tutorials and one on one interactions, many people will have the “world’s door” open to them as well. Every new dream starts out as a seed. It needs to be carefully cultivated. Only then will it blossom into a fruitful garden.  Start now! Plant your own English Garden.


About Us

Junhao Zhang: -12th Grader at Henry B. Plant High School located in Tampa, Florida (starting August 2019)   Yafeng Zhang: -MS Accounting & Finance, MBA Candidate -2016 “Outstanding Graduate Student” at the University of Tampa (Sykes College of Business) -Tax Staff at Prida Guida & Perez, P.A.

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

- Mahatma Gandhi